Engraving that sets you apart

The art of engraving always required tremendous precision and skill as well as jeweller’s accuracy with decorating. It was hand labour, backed by knowledge and mastering of the technique. Today, thanks to laser engraving, we gain a perfect effect and repeatability of elements, and in case of singular pieces, we highlight their uniqueness. A skilful use of new possibilities allows to constantly extend the list of benefits arising from using this technique of marking different materials.


Using a laser in fulfilling the Clients orders allows to create spectacular, lasting decorations. Regardless whether it is an order for one copy or a large-scale order, you shall receive a meticulously fulfilled order, because JAVIS`s professional base and team mean that our work is a field of constant expanding of the product range. We ensure engraving on ready-made and entrusted materials, such as:

  • plexiglas
  • non-ferrous metals
  • steel
  • glass

Amazing durability of engraving

Engravings have enjoyed a lot of popularity and it is well deserved. Laser engraving yields a long-lasting effect, much longer than painting or covering the objects. Once engraved, the decorations will define the personality of the object for years to come. We gladly fulfil orders from:

  • Białegostoku,
  • Warsaw,
  • and any other city.

It is definitely worth it to give your items an engraved style.