Metal elements

Among many materials necessary for the production of elements of shop equipment are steel and aluminium. These materials are characterised by their amazing durability and at the same time they can be shaped through plastic working or turning and milling. Thanks to this we can deliver a finished product which is the exact copy of your design from the delivered technical drawing. We also offer individual solutions, pertaining to the norms currently in force in Europe. We also fulfil orders with a high degree of complexity.

Metal tags – to keep everything in order

Metal tags are light, but also very durable. The possibilities of use are almost limitless. Tags proposed by us, prepared for individual orders, can be placed on any bars or perforations in a way to best display the products. Thanks to a stable hook, they allow for flexibility in displaying lighter as well as more bulky assortment. Fulfilling orders for tags, we mind the previously established size, so the final effect perfectly matches the design. If you wish, we can wrap the ready tags in a way that makes transport and storage in Białystok, Warsaw, and abroad easier.

Goods on stands and hooks

A vital part of shop equipment, mainly clothes shops, are stands. They allow to show clothes on hangers. For a smaller assortment, we propose a different solution: hooks that can be stuck to any surface and present opportunities to hang products, one after the other, which results in a well utilized area. From our wide range of products, you can choose:

  • carbon and stainless steel stands, hooks and price tags,
  • acid resistant and stainless steel equipment elements,

A large supply of materials significantly influences workmanship possibilities, therefore we invite you to contact us and place unusual orders. The headquarters lies in Białystok and Warsaw, but we are at your disposal wherever you may find yourself – please use the phone numbers provided on the website. We care about constant contact with our Client every step of the way. This is a priority matter for us.