Plexiglas furniture in a shop

Plexiglas, also known as acrylic glass, can take varied shapes, from thin plates to thick walls. Due to those features, it is used in shelf and wall unit production, meets the high standards associated with the later usage of that furniture. They are resistant to stretching and compression, temperature fluctuations inside and everyday movement of goods. Plexiglas furniture means a feeling of lightness on solid foundations. They will be ideal for your shop.


A wide range of application of plexiglas

At JAVIS a shop owner can find everything that they need to facilitate their Clients shopping experience. We do no limit ourselves to standard shop equipment. We moved a step further and we offer high-standard equipment that follows latest trends from Białystok, through Warsaw, to farthest reaches of Poland. Due to our vast experience, we can help our Clients choose suitable products, from plexiglas stands and price tags, through plexiglas wall units, to equipment for the whole shop.

Plexiglas furniture also function well in public spaces like banks, post offices and offices. It also substitutes traditional glass in hospitals and laboratories. Irrespective of the target use, each order is assessed individually and tailored to your needs and opportunities. We guarantee the highest quality of:


Plexiglas milling and other services

Plexiglas gives many use possibilities in itself in almost any industry and area of life, and furthermore, it is malleable to all kinds of processes. In Białystok, Warsaw and any other city, JAVIS assures products in every colour and texture and a unique finish thanks to:

  • plexiglas milling

  • laser cutting

  • gluing UV,

  • polishing

  • forming

  • thermoforming

  • bending

Our Clients receive exactly what they wished for, because the expectation of our Clients are our priority. We invite Clients from Białystok, Warsaw and nearer and farther areas.